Home Staging

Home staging is a process of transforming a personalized space into an attractive product which prospective buyers would be interested in buying. The Finishing Touch Home Staging follows a methodical process where an action plan is developed for each home so that the buyer, seller and realty agent work as a team to ensure the best results.

The process follows 4 simple steps:

    1. Consultation- Each engagement starts with an onsite consultation where the lead stager and homeowner will complete a thorough walk through and identify necessary enhancements to the property. We prepare a professional report outlining the tasks to be completed and an estimate of the services and rentals.

    2. Preparation-Based on the report, the homeowner and the Finishing Touch Home Staging team sets off to declutter, repair, clean, and depersonalize the home.

    3. Staging- The goal is to present the optimal use of spaceĀ  and decorate with mass appeal. Using professional design techniques, the staging team will highlight the best features of the property. In an occupied home, the home owner may use some of their own furniture and/ or rent furniture and accessories to complete the project.

    4. Destaging- This is the easiest step. It is time for us to remove any rented items and time for the homeowner prepares for the move